#84 Helen Owens on Open Government

Helen Owens joins the InTransition Podcast to talk about the Open Government Partnership. Helen is the principal advisor on public data policy at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in Canberra, Australia.

#83 Rachael Sweeney on stakeholder engagement

Rachael Sweeney joins the InTransition podcast to talk about stakeholder engagement. Rachael is the director of Collective Position, a communication and stakeholder relations company based in Melbourne, Australia. She worked on two major rail infrastructure projects in Victoria.

#82 Ian Rumsby on insights from successful organisations

Ian Rumsby joins InTransition to talk content marketing. Ian is the Chairman of Weber Shandwick Australia and Chief Strategy Officer, Asia Pacific. He leads the firm’s business operations in Australia and strategic development and marketing in the Asia Pacific region.

#81 Colin Anstie on digital marketing tactics

Colin Anstie joins this week’s InTransition Podcast to talk about digital marketing. Col is the CEO of the digital marketing agency Raging Digital, and the Marketing Director of CBR Innovation Network.

#80 Melanie Gibbons on increasing engagement and compliance

Melanie Gibbons is the Communications Manager for the Clean Energy Regulator, an Australian Federal Government agency. In this episode she talks about the unique communications challenges for a government regulatory body.

#79 A case study in government communications with Grant Titmus

Grant Titmus has over a decade experience in media relations and communication. He recently ran the campaign ‘Never Leave Kids In Cars’ for the Victorian Government

#78 Sean Worth on how to show your value

Sean Worth is an Executive Director of Synergy Group Australia. How do you show the executive the value of communication?

#77 Libby Coy on the importance of visual content

Libby Coy was contentgroup’s Graphic Designer for over two years. How do you tell your organisation’s story through visual branding?

#76 Should we change the name ‘content marketing’? with Martin Schipany

Martin Schipany is the head of ‘City Communications’ at the Press and Information Services for the City of Vienna in Austria. Martin recently presented with contentgroup at Content Marketing World’s Government and Public Sector Industry Lab.

#75 Special episode: Explaining is winning

This is a special episode. InTransition’s host, David Pembroke, recently spoke at the Australian Marketing Institute’s Public Sector Marketing Communications Summit. This episode is a recording of David’s presentation.

#74 Jenny Muir from the Public Relations Institute of Australia

Jenny Muir is National President of the Public Relations Institute of Australia. Jenny discusses why PRIA recognises over 1,200 job titles and two ways to use the authentic first-person story.

#73 Joanne Painter on the 3 most important trends in communications

Joanne Painter is the Founder and Managing Director of icon.pr, a communications consultancy. Joanne discusses the three most important trends in communications in 2016.

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