#93 Allan Yates – moving from journalism to communications

Allan Yates worked as a senior national journalist before moving into media relations, strategy and communications. He has worked with a number of state and federal government departments and institutions. David Pembroke talked with Allan about the transition from journalism to a comms role.

#92 Gregory Andrews – fighting extinction with social media

Gregory Andrews is Australia’s Threatened Species Commissioner. In this podcast he explains how content communication using social media is supporting Australia’s fight against extinction.

#91 Craig Hodges – strategy breeds success

Craig Hodges from King Content talks about content marketing strategies, and talked David Pembroke into seeing AC/DC live in Cleveland as well.

#90 Emily Crume – Understand your audience by listening

Social Media Examiner’s Emily Crume explains how asking questions and using listening tools can provide the best insights into the needs of your target audience.

#89 Shannah Hayley – content marketing for local government

How can you turn a disparaging comment on “Real Housewives” into a marketing tool for your city? Shannah Hayley explains how “it’s a little Plano in here” became a meme of civic pride.

#88 Rebecca Lieb on Content, Context and Consumer Experiences

Rebecca Lieb is a strategic advisor, research analyst and columnist. David Pembroke recently caught up with Rebecca at Content Marketing World to discuss her research into Contextual Campaigns.

#87 Ian Cleary on the true value of content

“Never produce a poor quality piece of content… I prefer to break consistency rather than deliver something poor quality.” In this podcast Ian Cleary talks about how to start a content marketing process that works, and the true value of quality content.

#86 How to get a publishing mentality in your organisation

InTransition caught up with two of Europe’s leading content marketing strategists at Content Marketing World in the USA. In this podcast they discuss how to adopt publishing in public sector and government organisations.

#85 Michael Schoonhoven on Content Service Programs

Michael Schoonhoven from the Netherlands talks about Content Service Programs, which use content across all business areas, not just communications and marketing. InTransition this week comes from Content Marketing World in the USA.

#84 Helen Owens on Open Government

Helen Owens joins the InTransition Podcast to talk about the Open Government Partnership. Helen is the principal advisor on public data policy at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in Canberra, Australia.

#83 Rachael Sweeney on stakeholder engagement

Rachael Sweeney joins the InTransition podcast to talk about stakeholder engagement. Rachael is the director of Collective Position, a communication and stakeholder relations company based in Melbourne, Australia. She worked on two major rail infrastructure projects in Victoria.

#82 Ian Rumsby on insights from successful organisations

Ian Rumsby joins InTransition to talk content marketing. Ian is the Chairman of Weber Shandwick Australia and Chief Strategy Officer, Asia Pacific. He leads the firm’s business operations in Australia and strategic development and marketing in the Asia Pacific region.

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