Infographic: Preparing government for successful communication in 2020  

What does successful government communication of the future look like? 93% of marketers use video online, including on websites, in email campaigns, for training, customer communication and more. In this infographic we explore how far content communication has come since the internet first started.

#77 Libby Coy on the importance of visual content

Libby Coy was contentgroup’s Graphic Designer for over two years. How do you tell your organisation’s story through visual branding?

[Infographic] Design for the right generation and increase engagement

Target your design for the right generation. This infographic reveals the nuances of the four generations and how you can tailor your design strategy to get the most engagement.

What makes a good designer/client relationship?

A good designer/client relationship is built around trust, as most relationships are. It can be tricky to navigate this particular type of relationship in a business setting if you have never worked with a designer before. Here are 3 tips for building a successful designer/client relationship …

What makes a good Facebook landing page design?

Not only does an attractive social media page design make you look smarter to viewers, it also leads to higher click rates and ultimately more clients. Read on to find out how to jazz up your landing page …

9 Design Mistakes to Avoid in a Corporate Setting

Steve Jobs once said “You’ve baked a really lovely cake, but then you’ve used dog sh!% for frosting”. This is the perfect analogy for how design can negatively impact even the most valuable content. Read on to find out 9 common mistakes in corporate design and how to avoid them.

Design programs for the non-designer

There are many digital programs that cater to the non-designer. Read on to find a designer-curated list of programs you can use to keep up with all the beauty.

How to create a lasting brand identity

It’s all about looks these days. The human eye is attracted to symmetry so it’s not surprising that consistent branding boosts brand credibility. Libby Coy reveals the secrets to successful branding with these four helpful tips.

JPEGs, GIFs, and Vectors, oh my!

Have you ever wondered what JPEG stands for? Do you know when to use a GIF as opposed to a PNG? Read this article to find out more about these file types and when to use them.

Working with a creative for the first time

If you have never worked with a graphic designer, photographer or a video production team, you might wonder where to start. Grace Finch reveals the steps it takes to succeed.

How to design an attractive presentation

A well-designed PowerPoint is the key to a successful presentation. Here are five tips to create a well-designed PowerPoint presentation.

Picking the right colour for your story

Colours communicate strong non-verbal messages to your audience. Our Graphic Designer Libby Coy recommends asking these four questions to help you pick the right colour for your story.

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