#55: Using stakeholder mapping to track the conversation with Kate Bradstreet

David interviews Kate Bradstreet, former Senior Director of Online Communications for the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. Learn how to sustain audience interest in topics, stakeholder mapping and adding research to your content marketing strategy.

The purple cow of government policy

Many government policy communications fail because the policy is dry and boring. How can you compete with the marketing efforts for the new iPhone or cat videos? Here’s the secret.

#51 Why Government comms should act more like a business, says Sean Larkins

In episode #51 of In Transition, we talk to Sean Larkins, former Deputy Director of the UK Government Communications. Sean is one of the most qualified people to speak on government communications. Sean talks about changing government’s risk aversion, skills government communicators need, and why government communications should be run like a business.

How do you create valuable content that everyone wants to read?

The simple truth of government communications is if you’re not effectively communicating the value of your desired outcome, you will never achieve your objectives. How do you know what is valuable content? How do you measure value?

Why Government and public sector leaders should invite Tom Burton in for a cup of tea

Recently Tom Burton spoke at DrupalGov in Canberra about the challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation for government and public sector organisations. Here are the revolutionary points of Tom’s keynote on why the public sector will surely fade into oblivion, if they do not embrace digital.

Is the press release dead?

Traditional media is fading and new media is taking over.

The gatekeepers are vanishing as the numbers of people watching, reading and listening to broadcast media are fading.

With the old dying and the new being born, is the press release heading the same way or can it be a relevant and effective channel in the age of digital, the Internet, and narrowcasting?

Five key skills all communicators need to learn now

A report released by the UK Government on the future of public service communications indicated that communicators will increasingly require different and more technical skill sets; such as data analytics, content creation and behavioural science techniques. In this blog, Sophie McKerchar shares five insights from the report.

Closing the loop: how do you give feedback?

How do you close the loop in community engagement? Guest blogger, Andrew Coulson describes various communication methods that show how a decision has been made and where the community has had an influence.

Managing a crisis in the public sector

You never really know when a crisis might emerge that affects your organisation. It could be a natural disaster, an employee making a mistake or acting inappropriately, or an unexpected incident occurring at your workplace. Here’s how content marketing aligns with crisis management for the public sector.

To prepare to fail is to prepare to … engage

The public sector is generally a risk-averse environment. In this blog Lydia Stevens explains why the public sector needs to embrace, rather than shy away from risk.

Content marketing in government: August 2015

In this edition of the monthly wrap we cover all things content marketing in government and get excited for the upcoming Content Marketing World.

What you missed this month in content marketing in government

July was a busy month for content marketers. In this blog we discuss government appointments, Facebook’s changes to ads, recent studies, government campaigns and a recap of our blogs and podcast.

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