6 community engagement tips for government

In epsiode 12 of InTransition, contentgroup CEO David Pembroke caught up with community engagement pro Keren Flavell, to discuss how government agencies can use content marketing to improve their community engagement strategies. Here are six community engagement tips for government.

3 insights that lead to better government policy communication

In Episode 10 of contentgroup’s InTransition podcast, Assistant Secretary of Digital Communication at the Department of Communications, Kim Ulrick offered three insights when it comes to communicating government policy.

The Obama Administration doesn’t always get it right

‘The healthcare bill was already controversial, but the embarrassment they faced once the site crashed was monumental. The White House was quickly on the defensive, they hired tech giant Quality Software Services, Inc (QSSI), to coordinate the work of the fixing of the website problems. Consequently, the development cost ceiling being raised from $93.7 million to $292 million.’ writes Samir Mane on all the buzz around Barack Obama’s “selfie” stick video.

How the UK Government is leaving its Australian counterpart for dead!

After discussion with the head of communications for UK Government, David Pembroke explains how the gap between the UK and the Australian Government communications capabilities is huge.

PR struts tall in DC

Bob Crawshaw has just returned from the International Conference of the PR Society of America. Out of the meeting in Washington DC emerged 3 key themes.

“Mum, do you think I could be Prime Minister?”

When his daughter stated that she wanted to be Prime Minister, David Pembroke had to explain why the PM always gets booed at sporting events and reveal just how hard they work in the public office.

Federal Budget 2014: Communications in Government

There was a line item in the federal budget about communications in the federal government which was talking about innovation in public affairs and improvements in internal communication.

The ACT Government’s Singapore Trade Mission

The importance of the Singapore Trade Mission for Canberra business and why contentgroup is looking towards Asia in the future.

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