Why contentgroup is like Sachin Tendulkar

Today, the greatest batsman of all time retires from Test Cricket.  There I said it.  It’s out there. You might be wondering why someone with the last name Bradnam (I never corrected them at trials if they misspelt it) would allow himself to make such a bold statement in the face of Australia’s great champion […]

Four things Fairfax needs to do to succeed at content marketing

Could I be presumptuous enough to offer Fairfax a very warm welcome to the Australian content marketing industry. While there are a few of us who have been around a while, it is reassuring to have a giant walk into the room looking for a seat at the table.

What are keywords and why do I need to use them?

If you are writing content for the Internet then you are already using keywords. The question remains; are you using keywords effectively? Keywords are one of the most important elements of each piece of content you produce.

The logic of Likes and Shares: Content marketing lessons from the 2013 Australian national elections

Marketing educators including Jonah Berger confirm people “like” content when they want to show their networks that they have admirable values, and “share” when they want others to confirm their judgement on its importance.

How can I make my content go viral?

We’ve all seen them; those viral videos and images that effortlessly capture the attention of the online world. The content quickly spreads through Facebook and Twitter; attracting multiple likes, shares, comments, favourites and retweets.

Look out Australia here comes content marketing

News Corp’s eye-watering revelation in its annual report yesterday that its Australian Newspaper division’s revenue was down by $350 million contained a key insight regarding the impact of content marketing. Amongst the explanations for the fall was this: “Content owners are increasingly delivering their content directly to consumers over the internet, often without charge, and […]

Google v Facebook: which global giant should I advertise with?

Google and Facebook are big.  Really big. Together the two global media giants brought in over $16 billion in advertising revenue in 2012.  With extreme numbers like that, how can your organisation get seen? And is it worth the effort? The simple answer is yes. The platforms Google and Facebook reach different audiences, and therefore […]

Six ways to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative

If I had to describe myself in one word in relation to social media I would say advocate. I love the opportunities social media creates for individuals and businesses. I love how you find a plethora of great content on anything that interests you. And I particularly love how the various platforms can connect people from all […]

In the end, we are all just people

Content Marketing World is like putting your mouth over a fire hydrant and turning it on. Innovation, technology, process, principles, software, ideas and tools; it’s all here and there is so much to take in. But the more things change, the more they remain the same. And all roads lead back to one simple truth. […]

To dance or watch? A Content Marketing World tale

I love to dance. Always have. I remember my first high school dance. A 13-year-old city boy in his second week at a rural boarding school paralysed with anxiety. Put me in a sporting team… No problem. Ask me to dance with girls? No clue. I remember asking one of the senior school boys what […]

The case for simplicity

Effective communication is about being clear & consistent in your language & content. So as David Pembroke explains, in this case, simplicity wins every time.

Don’t start until the communication objective is discussed, defined and agreed

“We think a video and a podcast series would be the perfect way to get our message through,” said the client. “You could be right, but what do you base that on?” I asked. “Everything you read is about how important video is and people could listen to a podcast series at the weekend when […]

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