The importance of design

Instead, it’s viewed as an ‘optional extra’ that can be tacked on at the end of a project to make it look pretty. This is not good communication. Good communication must be designed, and designed well, from the get-go.

#105 Martyn Wallace – online citizen engagement for local government

The Scottish Local Government Digital Office is changing the way local councils communicate with online citizen engagement. In this podcast, Martyn Wallace discusses the challenges of coordinating change across multiple local government bodies.

Beware the weasel words

The power and potential volatility associated with the written and spoken word is enormous, wielding enough power to compromise the integrity of an individual, organisation, government body or country to the long or short-term detriment of personal, professional even national interests. Just ask Don Watson, author of Watson’s Dictionary of Weasel Words, Contemporary Clichés, Cart and Management Jargon, who highlights a rampant trend amongst politicians, government and other officials to shower their audience with clichés and jargon at any or every opportunity.

#104 Sean Larkins – why governments should invest in communication skills

Governments that invest in communication skills achieve better outcomes, according to global research by WPP. Sean Larkins continues his discussion of “The Leaders’ Report” – the first global research focused on government communications, in part 2 of this InTransition podcast.

You’re so vain: don’t fall victim to vanity metrics on social media

We’ve all been there. Our Facebook page has finally started gaining likes and we’re ready to tell the whole office we’ve finally made it. If our social media accounts are gaining likes and followers, surely this must mean we’re doing well, right? Not necessarily. Here’s why you should think twice before declaring yourself the office social media guru as soon as you gain some followers.

#103 Sean Larkins – the decline of trust in government

Sean Larkins explains how a decline of trust in government is one of 5 key challenges for government communicators, revealed in new global research.

Why you need to be in communication for the long haul

When Peter Field, widely known as ‘The Godfather of Effectiveness’, spoke at the recent Australian Effies, he described short term thinking as a “disease” spreading through the industry. And he was right. Many are falling into the social media trap that appears effective with quick results, but can ultimately neglect long-term objectives. So how can government departments stay strong to their brand while addressing the changing demands that appear along the way?

#102 Frank Quinlan – connecting citizens with government through social media

In this podcast we learn how social media is being used to connect citizens with decision makers, to advocate for better outcomes in mental health.

The importance of social media for government  

Social media is used by citizens all across the globe; however, not all government departments are using social media to its full potential. Social media is one of the few digital avenues offering two-way communication, giving the sender the ability to receive feedback and monitor sentiment. However, governments’ ability to fully utilise this two-way communication channel still has some way to go.

Are you looking for an internship opportunity?

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#101 Ari Sharp – how to create niche content

In this podcast, Ari Sharp from the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry describes how he overcomes the hurdles of content creation in a niche subject area.

5 global government communication challenges that won’t shock you

WPP’s Leader’s Report – the future of government communications spans insights from 40 countries across the world, and is the first global review into how government and public sector communication leaders currently are working, their concerns and how they are preparing for the future. According to the report, what are the five challenges facing government communicators across the globe?

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