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Ben is the Head of Operation at contentgroup. He is also what the industry calls a triple threat: cameraman, editor, actor. He appeared in the 1997 film ‘The Castle’ in a “blink and you’ll miss him” role outside Australian Parliament House.

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Top tips for government video communications

contentgroup recently attended the Role of Video in Digital Government seminar in Canberra where presenters from various government departments explored current issues in online engagement and presented case studies of video production in the public sector. Events such as this enable the video industry to connect with their audiences, to help fill those gaps in resourcing and expertise and to enable governments to reach their stakeholders directly. Check out the top tips we scooped from the day.

Live Audio is coming to Facebook

A new way of communicating with audiences will soon be available to anyone with a Facebook page and a smartphone. Just before Christmas Facebook announced the introduction of Live Audio, which lets mobile device users broadcast audio straight to their news feed. Find out how Live Audio will add another channel of public engagement for public sector entities.

How to make a Video News Release and get your story told

Video News Releases (VNRs) are a way for government departments, not-for-profits and businesses to gain TV and online media coverage for events, programs or products. Read our tips on how you can produce your own Video News Releases and tell your story.

How to fix errors in Youtube’s Automatic Captions – a 5-step guide

The Australian Federal Government’s adoption of the WCAG 2.0 Web Accessibility Guidelines requires video content on government websites to be captioned. This tutorial walks through how to use Youtube Automatic Captions to caption your videos and remove errors which may alienate your viewers.

4 tips to inform and educate the public with video

Government videos aimed to educate the public often suffer from being boring or irrelevant, and your viewers leave in frustration. Here are 4 ways to make your video engaging to get your message across.

The one big reason we changed our blogging strategy

We are in the process of auditing our publishing strategy. Our initial results have been so strong that we have changed our blogging strategy. Our new two-pronged approach is aimed to make us better publishers to become the world’s leading source of education for content marketing for government. How can you learn from our experiments?

How to use music in videos without infringing copyright

If you are making videos to promote a business or government program, you do not want to be seen as someone who infringes on copyright. In this blog, Ben Curry gives you an example of how to not infringe on copyright.

What does freebooting on Facebook mean for content creators?

If you have seen your video content reposted on the web without your permission, you have been a victim of freebooting. In this blog Head of Operations, Ben Curry explains what is freebooting and how you can stop it.

2 ways metadata can make you more professional

Metadata is important information that can be saved within or alongside videos and digital images. If you don’t follow some simple steps when publishing online, your files could appear with generic filenames, which isn’t exactly the best look.

Metadata – why you need it when creating content

Metadata is easy to make when you’re a content creator. Every camera, phone or word processor creates metadata automatically and stores it within your files, ready for use further down the production line. Ben Curry explains why metadata is more important than ever.

See visual, think audio

Creating quality videos is much easier with modern technology. So why do so many videos sound so terrible? Because audio tends to be an afterthought. Ben Curry explains the golden rules of audio.

Take advantage of gatherings to capture video content for the future

Did you have an uncle who dragged out his camera at every family get-together? Ben Curry has just been on a video shoot with a client who has taken this idea to the next level.

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