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Tell us what you REALLY think (and win)

Take a few minutes to fill out this year’s contentgroup audience survey and you can go in the draw to win a shiny new Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus+ 10″ tablet. As usual, we’re all about honesty, so tell us exactly what you love, give us details about what you don’t, and tell us how you think we could get better.

InTransition 109 – John Allsopp – Keeping up with the future Web

In this week’s podcast John Allsopp discusses the future of online communications, and what public sector communicators can do to keep up.

Great examples of social media marketing in government

Whether your objective is to increase awareness, decrease call centre costs or change behaviour, if used correctly, social media can be a powerful channel. Here are 5 of the greatest examples of social media marketing in the public sector.

Employees hold the keys to your reputation

New research shows internal communication drives reputation. How can you use word-of-mouth to increase your reputation?

The marketing tactic with the highest ROI

“It’s not in the budget,” they tell you. Your organisation is cutting costs. Or they just don’t have the funds. This is when you want to use the marketing channel with the highest return on investment.

Use these 5 strategies to design surveys for effective market research

This is a case study of the failures and mistakes of our recent survey. Here are 5 lessons for successful survey design and market research.

The purple cow of government policy

Many government policy communications fail because the policy is dry and boring. How can you compete with the marketing efforts for the new iPhone or cat videos? Here’s the secret.

Is the press release dead?

Traditional media is fading and new media is taking over.

The gatekeepers are vanishing as the numbers of people watching, reading and listening to broadcast media are fading.

With the old dying and the new being born, is the press release heading the same way or can it be a relevant and effective channel in the age of digital, the Internet, and narrowcasting?

Testimonial: How content marketing worked for The Australian Property Institute

A testimonial about how content marketing worked for The Australian Property Institute.

#47 Tell your story using data

Today, David Pembroke sits down with guest Isabelle Oderberg, the National Social Media Lead for the Australian Red Cross. The two discuss data and storytelling and how the two are becoming increasingly intertwined.

Content Marketing Q&A #2

Check out our latest Content Marketing Q&A. This week, Founder and CEO David Pembroke outlines what you need to consider when distributing content.

#46 Why a press release just won’t do it anymore

In this episode, Founder and CEO David Pembroke discusses the new role journalism plays in the public sector with Dr Caroline Fisher, the assistant professor in journalism at the University of Canberra.

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